By Dan Monheit 14.5.21

Question submitted by Marcie, Docklands

It seems there are only two types of drivers in the world; those who think they’re better than everyone else, and the 20 professional formula one drivers (earning up to $76 million a year driving a car around a track) who probably are.

While a little confidence can go a long way, my own confidence in year 10 mathematics (thank you Mr Wozney) tells me that we can’t ALL be above average now, can we Marcie?

As we know too well, the world is littered with these ‘experts’. Becky from accounts…

By Dan Monheit, originally shared on 10.5.21

It feels like Electric Vehicles (EVs) going mainstream has been ‘about a year away’ for close to a decade now, so forgive the slight hesitation as I boldly declare that 2021 might just possibly, probably, very likely be the year that it almost definitely, pretty much happens. Despite the tsunami of hype and the growing offering from manufacturers, EVs still only account for around 2% of cars on the road globally. So, what will be different about 2021? I’m glad you asked.

It’s easy to point to the obvious, tangible factors as…

By Dan Monheit, originally shared on Smart Company 10.5.21

Lemonade, the US based insurance company, is on an absolute tear.

Last month, the business announced that it will be adding car insurance to its offering, marking the company’s third expansion into a major category in less than 12 months. Since launching in 2015, the company has amassed over 1 million customers and eclipsed US$100 million ($127.3 million) in annual recurring revenue.

Customers absolutely love it. In a category where the average net promoter score (NPS) is under 20, Lemonade’s is an astounding 70. In fact, customers love it so much…

By Dan Monheit 30.4.21

Question submitted by Millie, Coogee

It’s a great question Millie, and the rise of Pluto suggests that the answer is just around the corner (along with an event that will prompt you to reassess a close relationship and a major life decision that will require you to trust your gut).

Who doesn’t love a horoscope, a palm reading or an aura audit(?), especially when they tell us how close we are to financial prosperity, ever-lasting love and discovering our true purpose in this large, lonely world?

The funny thing is, the same science that proves horoscopes…

By Dan Monheit 16.4.21

Question submitted by Gerard, Cremorne

Because we’re petty and irrational. But you already knew that Gerard, didn’t you?

It doesn’t seem to matter if we’re out with childhood friends, the extended family or our celebrity crush (Hi Dan Ariely 👋🏻 ), when it comes time to pay the bill, everyone’s a bloody hero. Odd right, especially considering how much we also seem to love the idea of ‘free!’? 🤔

Insisting we settle the tab ourselves, despite being chronically underpaid (isn’t everybody?), chronically overmortgaged (isn’t everybody?) and chronically in the presence of some other big shot who’s…

Doesn’t it seem strange that from the moment we’re born, we’re taught that following instructions is the right thing to do? In this episode, Mel and Dan discuss the authority bias, and why carrying around a clipboard could be the best thing you ever do.

Listen here.

By Dan Monheit, originally shared by 8.4.21

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed the small but growing proportion of used cars onsite listed as ‘Certified Pre-Owned’, or CPOs for short. The Australian market is only now waking up to the power of certification, with just 3.7% of dealer cars advertised online here carrying the badge. Compare that to more mature markets like the US, where around 15% of online stock is ‘CPO’, and it’s clear that there’s plenty of room for growth.

Indeed, CPO vehicles were a boon for US dealers in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic…

By Dan Monheit 2.4.21

Question submitted by Nicole, Chatswood

Because it was. But that’s a bit unfair, because Kodak was a lot of other things too.

While today, ‘doing a Kodak’ is shorthand for a company failing to evolve fast enough, at various points in the past it could just as easily have meant ‘being one of the largest and most successful companies in the world’ (50 years ago, Kodak was the third largest company in the whole of America), ‘completely and utterly dominating a category’ (in 1976, Kodak held 85% of the entire camera market and 90% of film)…

By Dan Monheit, originally shared by 24.3.21

The Australian car market is running hot with new car sales rebounding, used car prices appreciating and enticing new models destined to hit Australian shores before year’s end.

Unpicking a survey of 9000 Australians, Dan Monheit weighs in on the key factors factors affecting consumers’ relationships with dealers and lessons the auto industry needs to hear.

By Dan Monheit, 19.03.21

Question submitted by Elliot, Preston

Because life is cruel Elliot. We all know it.

Remember that time you worked so hard to impress your new girlfriend’s parents at that fancy restaurant? Five courses over three hours and nobody thought to mention the poppyseed jammed between your two front teeth.

Or that time you tripped UP the stairs into your boss?
Or dropping that massive tray of drinks at the Christmas party?
Or spending an entire day, including multiple new business meetings, blissfully unaware of your wide open zipper.
Or the infamous ketchup stain incident?

Shall I…


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