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Lydia in Claremont wants to know why cafes can charge big bucks for a little bread.

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Our very own Dan Monheit is partnering with Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) to offer the highly anticipated Behavioural Economics Masterclass, starting on November 16.

Dan, Australia’s leading thinker and educator on Behavioural Economics has presented on the topic at some of the biggest conferences in the world…

Originally shared on Campaign Brief, 18.10.21

DocuSign Australia this week unveiled its first work with independent creative agency, Hardhat, encouraging people to ‘Next time, DocuSign’.

Spearheading the campaign is an influencer series featuring entrepreneurial business leaders Janine Allis, Jules Jund and Emma Isaacs sharing stories of oversights and slip ups during important business deals. …

By Dan Monheit, 15.10.21

Question submitted by Sabrina, Ararat

  • Make to do list ✔️
  • Drink morning coffee ✔️
  • Make zoom background ‘presentable’ ✔️
  • Stop adding meaningless tasks to my to do list

Is there anything more two faced than the humble to do list? Part ‘reminder of all we’ve achieved’, part ‘reminder of how little…

Sophia in Glenelg wants to know why nobody seems willing to ‘pay the cost to be the boss’ of her “really awesome little Mazda”.

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By Dan Monheit, 1.10.21

Question submitted by Alex, Sydney

Experience says you really don’t get there any faster.
Advertising says you’re far more likely to die.
My mother says please don’t do it.

The problem is, speeding is also kind of fun (in an idiotic, completely non-condoned kind of way). Open roads. Quiet roads. Winding…

Marcel in Camberwell wants to know why DHL insists on telling him every intricate detail about his new tennis racquet’s cross continental journey.

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By Dan Monheit, 17.9.21

Question submitted from Karen, Lara

Apparently, there’s no such thing as luck — only hard work and good timing.

Tell that to Joan Ginther, who won the Texan lottery four times in ten years. Or perhaps Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge, who rescheduled his bookings on flights MH370 and MH17. …

Originally shared on Mi3, 13.9.21

The brainchild of a former stockbroker and Booktopia’s CTO, Australian fintech Superhero has ripped up the start-up playbook and powered to massive millennial and Gen Z growth off the back of out of home and TV — during Covid. When most brands fled the out…

Adam from Bondi wants to know why he cant say no to that bur-ri-to.

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