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Marcel in Camberwell wants to know why DHL insists on telling him every intricate detail about his new tennis racquet’s cross continental journey.

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By Dan Monheit, 17.9.21

Question submitted from Karen, Lara

Apparently, there’s no such thing as luck — only hard work and good timing.

Tell that to Joan Ginther, who won the Texan lottery four times in ten years. Or perhaps Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge, who rescheduled his bookings on flights MH370 and MH17. You might even mention it to the 20 million Australians not currently living in Melbourne and therefore not lucky enough to be enjoying their 228th day of lockdown.

So much hard work. So much good timing.

We all know these people. The ones who get the rockstar parking spots, the meat…

Originally shared on Mi3, 13.9.21

The brainchild of a former stockbroker and Booktopia’s CTO, Australian fintech Superhero has ripped up the start-up playbook and powered to massive millennial and Gen Z growth off the back of out of home and TV — during Covid. When most brands fled the out of home sector last year, Superhero rolled the dice, piled in and launched. It worked. “To create big impact and really reach scale, brand awareness and credibility, fast… digital just is not going to get you there,” says marketing lead Rachel Hopping. With CommSec and the big four banks worried…

Adam from Bondi wants to know why he cant say no to that bur-ri-to.

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By Dan Monheit, 3.9.21

Question submitted from Liam, Albert Park

This kills me Liam. You and I both know that in 2021, there’s no reason to be running old, crappy software. Yet everywhere we look, there are businesses held together by a mash of Excel spreadsheets, entire organisations that are stuck on Internet Explorer 8 and people still using Lotus notes for email.

Sure, there’s a small degree of retro chic that comes with running a payroll or workflow management system from the Cold War era, but no amount of retro or chic can compensate for the daily pain and misery that these systems bring.


Originally shared on Campaign Brief, 2.9.21

Age is no barrier to great conversations and connections in Bupa Aged Care’s new content series, ‘Q&Age’. Conceived and produced by independent creative agency Hardhat, the series sees Bupa Aged Care residents sitting down with some inquisitive little ones to answer their big questions about Love, Secrets and Technology.

Says Glenn Dalton, executive creative director at Hardhat: “Our seniors have a lot of stories to tell and our kids have a lot of questions to ask. Put them together in the same room and it didn’t take long for those conversations to become…

Originally shared on Mumbrella, 1.9.21

The advertising collective behind the vaccination drive campaign @TheFactsination, has doubled down following industry support, with media organisations “generously donating millions of dollars of advertising inventory to support the campaign”.

This will see a TV campaign aired this week with support across outdoor, radio and digital advertising, as the ‘fight fear with facts’ campaign encouraging Australians to get the vaccine gets a wider rollout.

Hardhat co-founder, and campaign spokesperson, Dan Monheit said: “The success of the @TheFactsination campaign to date has exceeded our wildest hopes. …

Bianca from Prahran wants to know what’s behind Coca Cola’s gigantic packaging u-turn.

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By Dan Monheit, 20.8.21

Question submitted from Emma, Canberra

Look Emma, does it really matter why? For once, can’t we just enjoy the simple fact that it is? As a dad, with a bod, I feel like trying to get to the bottom of this is like your kids trying to get to the bottom of how the tooth fairy works. Nothing good can come of it.

But, alas, I have a professional responsibility, as well as a newsletter that’s literally called ‘The Why’, so I guess we’ll be doing this whether I like it or not.

For those not living at the bleeding edge…

A very hungry Laurence from Elizabeth Bay wants to know why more people don’t just cross the street.

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