By Dan Monheit, originally shared on 12.6.21

It’s been a big six months of sharing trends, data, and behavioural insights about all things auto. Of everything we’ve learnt, perhaps the most important is that even as the world rapidly transforms around us, the core drivers of human decision-making remain the same. After all, what’s 18-months of disruption against a backdrop of 300 million years of evolution?

With that in mind, the midpoint of 2021 feels like a good time to recap some of the key takeaways from the year that’s been. As expected, these lessons are just as relevant…

By Courtney Devereux, originally shared on AdWeek, 11.6.21

When it comes to staying creative today, Hardhat Founder Dan Monheit explains that it can be really overwhelming to think about all the things that are changing.

“So instead we stay really focused on what stays the same. And that is one of the core drivers behind the way humans make decisions,” he says.

This behavioural focus is one of the ways Monheit and the team at Hardhat see the world through their own, very unique, creative lens.

“When it comes to the creative we execute, we focus on one of the…

By Dan Monheit, 11.6.21

Question submitted by Katrina, East Gardens

We’ve all experienced the collective anxiety that occurs when your waiter takes mental note of the table’s order like they’re on the podium at the World Memory Championships (yep, real thing).

Just like that, your enjoyment of the evening now rests on their ability to remember Aunt Pam’s finicky, and frankly unnecessary, modification to the stir fry, or whether it was uncle Gerry or uncle Gary who wanted the satay sauce on the side (‘not allergic, just a preference’).

I hear you Katrina. Why show off? …

By Paige Murphy with contribution from Dan Monheit, originally shared on Adnews, 3.6.21

The federal government has continued to come under fire for its banal advertising to promote the availability of the COVID-19 vaccination and influence Australians to get the jab.

Earlier in the year, the government announced it would put $24 million into advertising the vaccine to different groups.

Since then, it has rolled out basic animations targeted at over 50s which have been labelled ineffective.

On Monday, it was revealed that BMF had been appointed by the government to create the next round of ads targeted at Australians…

After clocking over 80 keynote presentations in the last twelve months alone, leading two bootcamps joined by marketers across the globe, broadcasting a podcast reaching over 90 countries, and a book on the way, we’re excited to announce that Hardhat’s very own Dan Monheit has been shortlisted for Industry Leader of the Year at this year’s Mumbrella Awards.

Aiming to recognise the best work and talents across the media and marketing industry, the Mumbrella Awards is one of the most prestigious accolades, selecting winners through a rigorous judging process led by the industry’s most senior leaders.

So what does it…

By Dan Monheit, 28.5.21

Question submitted by Ross, Holland Park

They say that even a broken clock is right twice a day, but I’m going to assume that you, dear Ross, are more of a digital watch (and velcro wallet) kind of guy.

It’s tough to go past the 11:11 phenomena, and a quick scour of the internet reveals plenty of perfectly reasonable explanations including the ‘synchronicity of the universe’, ‘auspicious signs’, ‘the opening of opportunity portals’ and ‘the presence of spirits’. Sigh.

To be fair, 11:11 may not be for everyone, but each of us is subject to our own beliefs about things happening far…

By B&T x Facebook, 26.5.21

In the second of our three-part Discovery Commerce series from Facebook, industry experts explore how creativity is driving digital commerce forward. Read on to learn how seriously clever ideas are helping products find their way to receptive audiences.

We have reached peak content. There is more content and ads made every day than any of us could consume in a lifetime,” according to Dan Monheit, owner of creative agency Hardhat.

It’s no wonder so many brands are expanding their digital shopfronts and producing more content. According to a Kantar’s COVID Barometer study, 36% of people…

By Dan Monheit 14.5.21

Question submitted by Marcie, Docklands

It seems there are only two types of drivers in the world; those who think they’re better than everyone else, and the 20 professional formula one drivers (earning up to $76 million a year driving a car around a track) who probably are.

While a little confidence can go a long way, my own confidence in year 10 mathematics (thank you Mr Wozney) tells me that we can’t ALL be above average now, can we Marcie?

As we know too well, the world is littered with these ‘experts’. Becky from accounts…

By Dan Monheit, originally shared on 10.5.21

It feels like Electric Vehicles (EVs) going mainstream has been ‘about a year away’ for close to a decade now, so forgive the slight hesitation as I boldly declare that 2021 might just possibly, probably, very likely be the year that it almost definitely, pretty much happens. Despite the tsunami of hype and the growing offering from manufacturers, EVs still only account for around 2% of cars on the road globally. So, what will be different about 2021? I’m glad you asked.

It’s easy to point to the obvious, tangible factors as…

By Dan Monheit, originally shared on Smart Company 10.5.21

Lemonade, the US based insurance company, is on an absolute tear.

Last month, the business announced that it will be adding car insurance to its offering, marking the company’s third expansion into a major category in less than 12 months. Since launching in 2015, the company has amassed over 1 million customers and eclipsed US$100 million ($127.3 million) in annual recurring revenue.

Customers absolutely love it. In a category where the average net promoter score (NPS) is under 20, Lemonade’s is an astounding 70. In fact, customers love it so much…


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