Built On Behaviour Bootcamp

After an intensive six months presenting to thousands of marketers from many of Australia’s leading businesses, we’re pleased to partner with Mi3 to launch the Built On Behaviour Bootcamp.

The bootcamp is a short, virtual course in how to use Behavioural Science to write more compelling copy, create more effective campaigns and achieve even better results for your customers and brand.

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The short answer is that it’s the study of human decision making. It recognises that people rely on mental shortcuts or heuristics, rather than weighing up every option for each of the thousands of decisions they make each day.

By training our brains to understand these biases, we can strengthen our marketing and build messaging, products and services around them.

In each of the four sessions, Hardhat cofounder Dan Monheit will deep dive into three heuristics, exploring the foundational research, real-world examples and key takeaways for each.

After the two weeks, you’ll have mastered 12 key heuristics to accelerate your brand’s growth in 2021.

4 x 45 minute lunch briefings led by Hardhat’s Dan Monheit:
- Monday November 30
- Wednesday December 2
- Monday December 7
- Wednesday December 9
12pm each day

$199 individual (total)
For groups of 5+ get in touch
Don’t miss out, seats are limited

Secure your tickets here

Behaviourally Yours,

The Mi3 & Hardhat Team

Bad Decisions Podcast
Get a jump start on the bootcamp by tuning into the podcast.

Dan Monheit
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