Dan Monheit teams up with ADMA for Behavioural Economics Masterclass

Our very own Dan Monheit is partnering with Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) to offer the highly anticipated Behavioural Economics Masterclass, starting on November 16.

Dan, Australia’s leading thinker and educator on Behavioural Economics has presented on the topic at some of the biggest conferences in the world including SXSW in Austin Texas and Mumbrella 360 in Sydney. His Behavioural Economics podcast (Bad Decisions) also has listeners in more than 90 countries and is regularly featured in the ‘top podcast’ charts.

The Masterclass is tailored towards mid level to senior marketers and will use concepts from Behavioural Economics to tackle challenges around building brand awareness, increasing value perceptions, lifting conversion rates and improving portfolio design.

Backed by more than 70 years of research, the field of Behavioural Economics provides a unique combination of data and insights into why people choose the things that they do. Behavioural Economics recognizes that people rely on mental shortcuts or heuristics, rather than weighing up every option for each of the thousands of choices they make each day.

With real world examples and instantly actionable takeaways, marketers will walk away with deep understanding of behavioural biases to create stronger and more effective messaging, products and services that connect emotionally and drive action.

The Behavioural Economics Masterclass will be held virtually over 4 weeks from November 16, Tuesday 1pm — 2pm (AEST). Register now via https://www.adma.com.au/behavioural-economics-masterclass

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