Hardhat Hustle: 8 May 2020

What’s happening on social media?

90% of people buy from brands they follow on social

Which basically tells us, our most loyal customers are those who are following us — no brainer, right? But if we think about what makes a customer loyal it’s two key things: delivering great, reliable products/experiences and excellent customer service.

Support and service are areas where social media can help us excel, keeping customers happy (and ultimately, spending). Highlights from the report suggest that a ‘social media appropriate’ tone is critical, that most people (78%) expect a response to their queries within 48 hours, and not surprisingly, that the fewer steps the better when it comes to seeking resolution.

Check out the full report here.

What COVID has taught us about content creation

If we take a moment to reflect on COVID life, there’s a lot that seems universal: Jeans out, loungewear in, beards quickly growing and buns (including man buns) to hide dirty hair. The corporate, polished life has quickly faded and instead, we are facing blurry video calls with animals, kids and even beds in the backgrounds.

We are all human, embracing each other’s raw, unpolished reality. Given this context, we should apply the same to our brand content if we want to better connect with audiences. We need to set new expectations of what “perfect” content is and embrace the rawness/human element, as we have done elsewhere, to create a better connection with audiences.

In doing so, we can create greater volumes of content, all while capitalising on the resurgence of UGC (which is booming at this time as audiences sit at home), reduce production costs and build on brands’ human connection to better resonate with audiences.

Now if you will excuse me it’s time for me to put some more dry shampoo in my hair before my next meeting.

New Instagram Sponsored Story Format

A new advertising format always has us excited, and we cannot wait to use this one. You can now expand your sponsored stories so users can opt in to view more cards by clicking ‘Expand Story’. What shows as one card, expands to up to 10 to extend your message to those interested. A great way to extend a story or showcase secret offers.

Work that has us talking:

A Whinging Wine Brand

UK wine brand HUN has just launched with a witty outdoor campaign, in a time we’re all stuck indoors. The cheeky ads were adapted for the media buy, calling out the brand — and its agency — with a series of self-deprecating headlines and posters.

TBWA\London — HUN UK

The press release reads: “TBWA\London has created a new campaign that no one will see, to launch a new drinks brand that no one has ever heard of.”

Maccas in a Pickle

McDonald’s Australia — DDB Sydney

Just in time for Mother’s Day, McDonald’s had a new spot to tug at our heartstrings — with pickles and soft-serve. It may seem strange to the everyday eater, but it’s more common than you think. Here’s how McDonald’s in the UK previously played off the same insight:

Here’s how McDonald’s in the UK previously played off the same insight.

It’s the ad that has the Hardhat team divided. Some of us love it, some of us hate it, and some of us are craving pickles and soft-serve. Where do you stand?

View the spot

What we’ve been doing behind the screens

Since working from home, Figma has been our employee of the month. The cloud-based digital design and prototyping tool has enabled us to collaborate on projects and operate from pretty much anywhere.

Figma helps us to collaborate instantly due to multiplayer features and real-time updates, similar to Google Docs. We can plan and execute work together, run remote user testing and update live feedback during our interactive showcases.

We’ve been able to run co-design and planning workshops with our clients for campaigns and platform work alike. And because they’re part of the project team, they can jump in and see what’s happening at any time to leave comments or reactions (or even do some design work themselves!)

Figma has become our walls and whiteboard — a visual, accessible space for our clients and team to share together.


Any questions? Reach out to us. We’re a friendly bunch



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