Hardhat Hustle: 22 May 2020

What’s happening with behaviour?

37% of people will highly value brands who are community-focused

Australia is beginning to open up again and we’re due to find out which predictions by the prophets of the pandemic will ring true. We’ve all changed in ways we didn’t think we would, accomplished things we didn’t ask to do, and likely didn’t get around to those tasks we intended.

  • A preference for local goods, connections, influencers and empathy, over the vastness of offerings in our global world.

Calm your Artificial Intelligence in a pandemic

As a concept, AI is thought as both the saviour, and destruction, of man. As a tool for marketing, we’re generally told it’s “machine learning uncovering data-driven insights powered by big data”.

What’s happening on social media?

Facebook launches ‘Shops’

In a sizable announcement, Facebook is moving ever closer to the all-in-one app model of WeChat, with ‘Shops’ set to hit the platform soon.

Spotify purchases exclusive rights to the Joe Rogan Experience

In a deal reportedly worth $100M — approximately equal to the last dance payroll of the 97/98 Bulls — Spotify has acquired exclusive rights to the podcast on its platform. The Joe Rogan Experience has accumulated well over 4B views on YouTube alone and has such a large broadcast audience, stocks in Tesla fell 6% in real-time after Elon Musk got a little high on a live-streamed appearance.

Facebook acquires GIPHY

In a deal worth $400M, Facebook has acquired GIPHY — the most popular GIF database on the web, which flaunts 500M active daily users and helps to turn our loss for words into novel looping hits of emotion. Through increased messenger user, both emoji and GIFs have become ubiquitous in our digital lexicon as the speed and informality of our communication have increased.

Work that has us talking

Let’s not go back to normal

Flipping our anticipation for a return to former lives, sexual-health brand Durex has played on the absurdity of what society considers ‘normal’ (such as shaming women who carry condoms) and definitely shouldn’t have before the pandemic.

Conference with a good boy

Global sounds of music

KFC’s taking back the reigns


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