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Hardhat Co-founder and Strategy Director, Dan Monheit, is the host of Google’s new behavioural economics video podcast Decoding How Consumers Make Purchase Decisions.

Decoding How Consumers Make Purchase Decisions is the latest initiative from Think with Google marketing insights. The four-part discussion unpacks one of Google’s largest studies into consumer behaviour and what it means for brands. Joining Dan on this mission to unravel “The Messy Middle” is Google AUNZ’s Racheal Powell (Head of Consumer Market Research) and Kristin Sutter (Head of Strategy & Insights).

Dan shares, “As an agency, we’re firm believers that behaviour is the only thing that’s real. While people can say whatever they want, and brands can make any promises they choose, our behaviour is where the rubber meets the road. Working with the team at Google — and their study of over 250,000 purchase simulations — was every bit as insightful and fun as I could have imagined.”

Tune in to the four-part video series on the Australia and New Zealand Think with Google page, via thinkwithgoogle.com/aunz.

Episode 1: An overview of “The Messy Middle”, investigating the battle between our logic and emotion and why it’s essential for brands to show up in this space.

Episode 2: Whether they’re looking for a stylish pair of kicks or picking up laundry detergent, people have more options at their fingertips than ever — and can get stuck in an infinite loop of exploring and evaluating. So, how can brands show up when people are feeling indecisive? Find out by exploring a new model of consumer decision-making in the video below.

Episode 3: What do two years of research and over 250,000 purchase simulations tell us about the realities of brand love? In the third episode, Dan joins Rachael & Kristin as they analyse how these biases come into play in “The Messy Middle”.

Episode 4: It’s time for challenger brands to be there and steal the spotlight. Don’t miss the three key tips for winning brand love in the final episode of Think with Google’s behavioural economics podcast, hosted by Hardhat’s Dan Monheit.

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