Lilydale shows how to ‘Start From Scratch, End With Amazing’ in new campaign via Hardhat

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We helped Lilydale Free Range Chicken, launch their new campaign reminding Australians that amazing meals don’t start from a packet, they start from scratch.

Filmed under tight regulations during lockdown, the campaign airs at a time when we’ve never had more of it on our hands, to step up our dinners.

Yash Gandhi, Head of Marketing for Lilydale says, Aussies, particularly in the current environment are not just cooking more but experimenting with their meals too. With time on their hands, we’re cooking from scratch and truly ending up with amazing creations — much like the mouth-watering recipes in this campaign.

Our ECD, Glenn Dalton adds, “We started with a behavioural truth — that in times of uncertainty, people take comfort in the things they can control; things that have a start and an end to them. For some it’s watching all 10 episodes of The Last Dance in a week, others it’s finishing a jigsaw puzzle, and for a whole lot of time-rich home cooks right now, it’s starting from scratch and ending with an amazing Lilydale Middle Eastern Braised Chicken Tray Bake.

The campaign is live across digital and social channels.

Client — Baiada / Lilydale
Yash Gandhi — Head of Marketing
Shawn Stevens — Senior Brand Manager

Agency — Hardhat
Dan Monheit — Co-Founder & Behavioural Insights
Glenn Dalton — Executive Creative Director
Chris Hince — Associate Creative Director
Andy Segal — Associate Creative Director
Kristy Richards — Strategy Lead
Gabi Raison — Account Director
Erica Frick — Producer

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