Mumbrella Seven Minute Masterclass

2 min readApr 17, 2020

There’s plenty of ways to spend seven minutes. You could do the dishes, flick through Facebook, perhaps call your parents.

Alternatively, why not learn a thing or two? At Hardhat, we’ve dedicated our downtime to the Mumbrella Seven Minute Masterclass.

In collaboration with Mumbrella, Hardhat has produced a weekly online series showcasing marketing principles and insights from Australia’s leading experts. Each episode gives hosts no more than seven minutes to deliver a speed masterclass on their chosen topic.

Hardhat co-founder Dan Monheit

We kicked things off with our co-founder Dan Monheit and his masterclass on boosting brand odds with behavioural economics. Since then, we’ve seen Chris Savage from the Savage Company discuss the key to a powerful elevator pitch and small-screen expert Maz Farrelly with her tricks for making video calls count.

Episodes are published every Thursday, including an upcoming masterclass from Futurebrand’s Richard Curtis. Go on, check out the Mumbrella Seven Minute Masterclass and spend those seven minutes wisely. Or stick to scrolling on the socials… your choice.


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