The Why #50:“Why do bands always leave their best song ’til last?”

Question submitted by Bernie, Redfern

We know it. They know it. Sure, they pretend they don’t know it. And then we pretend that we don’t know that they’re pretending. Like somehow they’ve actually forgotten to play ‘the one’. The main one. The one that was the soundtrack to your European summer in 2014 or pretty much defined your upbringing. Your song. Our song. The song that made you think paying $245 for a partially obstructed view from a balcony seat in row GG was a good idea.

Peak End Rule

Refers to the way we remember experiences based on the peaks (ie the emotional high or low points) and the endings, rather than the average of how we felt throughout them. In other words, not all parts of an experience are created equal when it comes to shaping memories.



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