The Work Contendenders: Hardhat

Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2022 Contenders…

Superhero: The Floor Is Yours
Demonstrating that you don’t need to be a boring old ‘suit’ to trade shares, the ad’s distinct anti-establishment visual look sets Superhero apart from traditional investment platforms and old fashioned online share spaces. We wanted to directly connect with a new generation of young would-be online traders, who’d immediately recognise the ad’s feel and language as their own. After all, who wants to waste time and money with Uncle Alan’s old-fashioned, greedy stockbroker when like our every day, every (young) man Superhero, you can own the trading floor directly from your phone.

The A-Z of things more likely to kill you than the AZ
Melbourne was in its fifth lockdown, and we wanted out. Due to the spread of misinformation, Australians became reluctant to receive the Astra-Zennica jab. We understood hijacking cognitive fear-inducing biases could have a potent influence on public opinion. So we created a pro-bono campaign designed to change the way people perceive the one in a million risk associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine and launched ‘The A–Z of things more likely to kill you than the AZ’ — 26 everyday activities riskier than the jab.’ Our creative team devised quirky and funny concepts for each of the 26 letters in conjunction with Melbourne illustrators Good One, offering 26 factual ways you’re more likely to die with their associated statistics. The campaign successfully went on to reach over 10 million people and received more than $5m of donated media space across TV, out of home, radio and print.

DocuSign: Next Time, Docusign
Our brief appeared relatively simple; ‘Use influencer marketing to drive awareness. Research from behavioural science discovered the high risk/low reward profile accompanying most decisions keeps business people from actively making significant change. So, instead of selling DocuSign’s innumerable benefits, we wanted to convince business leaders that using paper contracts was the riskiest choice of all.
We brought three of Australia’s most trusted and successful business influencers onboard to share in video form, the time things went awry by using outmoded paper contracts: documents getting lost in the mail, privacy issues, the printer runs out of toner and so on. The campaign has been viewed over 650,000 times on Youtube and has generated more than 8000 new accounts.

CareerOne: Job Done
More than a job listing site, we positioned CareerOne as a unique, job-finding site. Job Done’ speaks to the confident ease in which users can discover better jobs — thanks to the site’s AI-powered algorithm. In a cluttered job listing market, we needed to get that message across simply, boldly, and memorably. Our ad conjures up that joyful feeling of satisfaction when you’ve one hundred percent found your perfect job or dream career. Sorry, not sorry, that our operatic refrain, “Career One, job done, done, done, done” ear-worm of a jingle may have nestled into your subconscious. We created it to get CareerOne noticed and further increase market share. Job done.



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