By Reece Ryan, Creative Director

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We’re all Human

Whether welcome or not, we have had the opportunity to step into each other’s bedrooms, kitchens, homes and personal lives.

Pets, partners and little ones are inspiring us all right now. Distance, strangely enough, is bringing us closer than I can ever remember. Working from home doesn’t have to mean working alone. Work / life boundaries can be a little blurry but we are respecting individual circumstances and humming as a team. Seamless transitions between Slack, Zoom and Hangouts are exposing our larger than life human side in full screen HD.

We are asking how brands can help to alleviate the anxiety and bring a little positivity to people’s lives.

We are considering broader business problems on a more human level as we attempt to guide our clients in this crisis through to recovery and an eventual new reality.

Hardhat — Virtual Hugs
Hardhat — Virtual Hugs

Kick back Fridays

This is no holiday but more a new semi-permanent reality. What does culture look like for remote companies? Does it still exist when you remove the bricks and mortar from the equation? We think so.

Its times like these when a company’s values seem to bubble to the surface.

A mature people-first reaction breeds respect and loyalty like no words can. Hustle, humility and heart. It sounds corny but these ring especially true for all of us now that we are working remotely. Actions, attitudes, behaviours and routines form the heartbeat of any agency. I, for one, thank the boys for showing a whole lotta heart!

Staying Agile

Trained in agency agile, this recent week has become more of an exercise in muscle memory. A quick leadership video chat to stay abreast of the overnight developments before an all agency standup to kick into the day at 9am. Everyone gets their turn and by 9.20-ish we know exactly where each job is at and what we need to get done during the day.

It’s all in the cloud

Who needs physical offices anyway? There’s something unnerving about working from the middle desk in the open corridor. Desperately trying to avoid the prying eye of the hovering Creative Directors ready to pounce on the long-way-from-finished work in progress. Hold the phone, sorry that’s me. You can do that remotely now?

Digital canvases have replaced physical basketball court walls as we have managed to plan, collaborate, develop and successfully execute complex roadmaps for big client problems in real time.

This collaborative approach to design and creative problem solving is our new reality and it is mind boggling to watch!

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We’re an independent creative agency helping brands capitalise on the why, when, where, what and how of human behaviour.

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